Simple Network Tweaker

Eliminate network latency and improves overall network performance for a comfortable game.

What is the profit of this Tweak?

  • -Stabilizes your internet connection.
  • -Improve network speed with reduse response time.
  • -Game lag sinked and lower ping latency on online games for happy game.
  • -Change traffic priority with TOS Delay & Throughput flags
  • - *wifi routers list (channels bandwidth)

That's famous! Do I need to download this app?

- Of course! It's free.

What do I need for everything to work?

- .net framework 2.0 or higher

>> download <<

It allows you to specify the priority of network traffic and manage the stack, providing complete control of the transport level of the network interface.

Eliminate all problems with one touch.

Do not think. Just do it.